Meet the Leader


Tiana Bunnell-Mumford a born native of Indianapolis, Indiana is a proud wife and mother with children of her own.

Tiana is a woman of many talents and currently holds an AAS degree in Medical Assisting. She also has a certificate and license as a Pharmacy Technician. At times she uses her certificate in her hometown Elementary Schools a Substitute Teacher.

She is also an successful Children’s author of two books entitled ” I Will Not Change My Hair At All” & Kool Minds Journal for Girls”.

Tiana has always had a passion for teaching and working with children, with over a 10 years of serving in the Children’s ministry at her church. She has mentored several teens through local high schools.

It is Tiana’s belief and faith the mentor program will allow her take her experiences, gift of encouragement and teaching to change lives of children and youth everywhere.  The love that Tiana has for children and youth has inspired  her to write and publish children and youth books to encourage inspire, and uplift lives all around the world.


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